Get Vedamo Integration credentials


  1. Login at If you do not already have a Vedamo account, you can create one here and get 30 days free trial or purchase the Premium plan here.
  2. Select the “Integrations” menu.
  3. Select “Schoology“. It will navigate you to the page “Integration with Schoology”.
  4. Click on the “Enable LTI integration” button.

It will generate a table with three rows – Consumer Key, Shared Secret and Config URL.

You will need them to integrate the Virtual Classroom in Schoology.


Integrate Vedamo Virtual Classroom app on a district level (Enterprise account)

Use the steps below to install Vedamo Virtual Classroom app on a system level within Schoology.

Login to Schoology.

Scroll down to “App center”
Find the “Vedamo Virtual Classroom” app and click on it
Select “Install LTI app”
Select “Add to organization”


  • Click on “Configure”


  • Fill in the Consumer Key and Shared Secret
  • Click “Save Settings” to save.
  • Click on “School Apps” and “Install/Remove”


  • Click on “School Apps” and “Install/Remove”
  • Select “All Courses and All Groups” (if necessary select “group admins only”)
  • Click “Submit”

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