If you are a teacher who is a member of an Enterprise account or have been added as a co-teacher to a course in the Schoology platform, you have the option to start a virtual session with the Vedamo Virtual Classroom in a particular course or for a specific group of students.

Note: To start a virtual session you need to have co-admin roles in order to manage the courses or the groups in the Enterprise account you are a member of. 

Courses menu

Follow the steps below to learn how to open the virtual classroom via Courses menu:

  1. Log in to Schoology.
  2. Select Courses in the top menu.
  3. Click Create to create new course or click See All Courses and pick the course you have been assigned to by the Enterprise admin.
  4. From the menu on your left-hand side click Vedamo Virtual Classroom.


5. Click + Start a New Session

Groups menu

Open the Vedamo Virtual Classroom for a group of students.

  1. Click on Groups.
  2. Select the group you have been added to or click Create to create your own group.
  3. Click Vedamo Virtual Classroom and + Start a New Session button

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