Here is a list of the full technical requirements of the VEDAMO virtual classroom:

Internet connection speed requirements

  • For sessions with one teacher and one student (only two people in the room):

Upload speed: 384 kbps. (60 packets per second (pps)

Download speed: 384 kbps. (60 pps)

  • For sessions with one teacher and more than one student (more than two people in the room):

Upload speed: 384 kbps (60 pps)

Download speed: 640 kbps (100 pps)

  • Additional speed requirements apply while using the screen sharing feature

Upload speed: + 800 kbps (+ 40 pps)

Download speed: + 800 kbps (+ 40 pps)

Operating system

Windows 7 (or higher), Linux (Ubuntu 13.04 or higher), MacOS X (11.1 or higher). For mobile devices: iOS 12.5.5 (or higher) and Android 5 (or higher) and Chrome OS.

Web browsers

The web browsers that we support are: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge (Chromium Source only) and Samsung Browser (version 10 or higher for Android devices). We also support Safari Browser (version 12.5.5 or higher), and it is the only option for iOS devices. We recommend using the latest versions for the best user experience.


Recommended Dual-core 2.1 GHz (models similar to Intel Core i3 or equivalent AMD CPU or newer) or higher.

Operating memory (RAM)

Recommended 2 GB or more

Web camera

In-built or external

Microphone and headsets

NOTE: It is possible to get some acoustic feedback while using loudspeakers and/or a built-in microphone.

That’s why we recommend making sure that you have a headset ready before entering the room.

NOTE: The above requirements only apply to using the Virtual Classroom on our platform. However, our learning management system and other web-based services do not require the above. Instead, you can use them with all of the most popular web browsers running on current versions of Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android or iOS. Any hardware capable of supporting one of the above current OS versions is also capable of running our services.

Screen sharing

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, MS Edge, and Safari (recommended for Mac) browsers support the screen-sharing functionality in the virtual classroom. It will not require additional installations after certain versions. No matter the browser you use, you will still be able to see a participant’s shared screen.

Note: Screen sharing is not supported on mobile devices like tablets or smartphones. 

Mobile devices

The VEDAMO Virtual classroom can also be accessed on Android mobile devices with Android 5.0 (or higher) and Apple mobile devices with iOS 12.5.5 (or higher). Screen resolution should be at least 854х480, and only the latest Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari browsers are supported.

Note: Bear in mind that iOS is recommended to be used with Safari (13 or higher) browser only.

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