For the past 12 years we have been offering training to women who were dissatisfied with their jobs and who realized that they would like to have a career in a field that is different than what they studied in school. These were women who worked a lot but did not find their jobs fulfilling. We have also launched online programs to expand our training beyond the borders of Sofia and are now training Bulgarians abroad. We actively use VEDAMO’s platform, which is extremely easy to work with. We create video tutorials and conduct regular online meetings. The platform allows us to create schedules for the different activities that we offer, which enables each learner to keep track of their daily classes in their personal calendar. Using VEDAMO’s platform gives us more free time; we can also work with larger groups of learners with perfect planning from the beginning to the end of the training. When needed, we always get support and personal attention from VEDAMO’s team.

Daniela Spasova

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