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The 76th School is located in the capital city of Bulgaria. It has 20 teachers and 200 pupils between 1st and 7th grade.

To enhance its students’ performance and achieve a better school rating, the managing team of the 76th School decided to offer an opportunity to all students who cannot attend regular classes for a certain period of time to catch up with the study material. Some of the teachers started conducting their regular consultations with pupils and parents entirely online in the VEDAMO Virtual Classroom. The flexible schedules and the opportunity to attend the consultation from anywhere facilitates the communication between the teachers and the parents.

The school has been using this innovative option since 2016, taking advantage of the capabilities of the VEDAMO virtual classroom. The teachers use the VEDAMO real-time videoconference connection to ensure active online participation for all children who are absent. They visualize learning content by using the Virtual Classroom’s interactive whiteboard and the media player. When they work online with more than one student, they assign individual tasks in the breakout rooms.

Thanks to the additional online consultation for the absent students the school managed to increase its pupil’s performance and parents’ involvement.

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