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Nikanor Ltd. is among the best centres for vocational training in Bulgaria. For more than 15 years now they have been providing services in the field of human resources, various trainings for developing relevant professional skills and qualifications in over 20 different specialties, foreign language trainings, vocational trainings and further trainings. The company has a network of 150+ teachers and works with individual learners, organisations and institutions across the country.

Nikanor Ltd. won a public procurement contract for foreign language training (in 5 different languages) of 100+ civil servants from all over the country at the beginning of 2016. The learners were divided into small groups of 8-12 participants from different locations. The only way to organise the training was to conduct distance online sessions. At this time Nikanor Ltd. was using only an asynchronous platform which could not cover all aspects of language teaching – reading, writing, speaking and listening. The company started looking for a solution which allows online real-time communication and option for immediate feedback.

Currently, Nikanor Ltd. is using the VEDAMO Virtual Classroom to cover all aspects of language teaching: speaking - through the video-conferencing, writing using the tools for collaborative work, reading using the tools for visualising learning content and listening using the tool for reproducing audio and video files.

By using the VEDAMO Virtual Classroom Nikanor Ltd. successfully gained several public procurement contacts for conducting interactive online language sessions with each of the groups. At the end of the training all the participants were assessed and received certificates, approved by the Ministry of Education. Almost 90% of the participants chose to continue with the next level using the same provider of vocational training. VEDAMO helped Nikanor to attract new learners from remote locations and boost the retention rate of existing ones.

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