Online academy

VEDAMO offers an entire software solution for educational institutions (kindergartens, schools, universities, professional educational institutions, etc.) and online services for rent. VEDAMO provides a web-based infrastructure which allows educational institutions and organizations to manage their customers and processes.


What you get

  1.   Live virtual classroom
  2.   Course management
  3.   Billing system
  4.   Online test platform
  5.   Video archive system
  6.   Internal messaging system
  1.   Reminders and notifications
  2.   Automated reports
  3.   Gradebook
  4.   White-labeling
  5.   Role-based access control
  6.   User self-registration

Course management

  • Management of course creation and editing
  • Management of session creation and editing
  • Management of schedule creation and editing
  • Option to group courses in larger packages
  • Arranging the courses in different categories according to the user’s needs – school grades, ages, subjects, etc.
  • Mechanism for promoting courses based on previously defined categories and priorities

Billing system

  • Management of course prices
  • Management of discounts
  • Promo codes
  • Automated order reports
  • Options for full payment or multiple monthly payments
  • Billing system and automated issuing of documents (invoices and credit notifications)
  • Management of the orders
  • Integration with various payment processors (credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, ePay, etc.)

Online test platform

  • Quizzes can be used as a tool to track and assess the students’ progress before, during and after a certain course
  • Adding and editing of the quizzes with options to choose name, type, description and instructions
  • Option to add several types of questions – close-ended questions with one or several true answers, and open-ended questions with free answers or predictable answers
  • Different scores can be assigned to each question
  • Link a quiz with a certain lesson
  • Automatic checkup of all close-ended questions and option for manual fill-in of open-ended questions’ scores and total quiz score by the teacher

Video archive system

  • Reproduction of a session’s archive from each participant’s point of view
  • Recording a video file from the archive
  • Controlled access to the archives

Internal messaging system

  • Sending and receiving internal messages
  • Attaching files to the messages

System messages and notifications

  • Notifications by email and SMS for upcoming courses, sessions and other events in the system
  • Billing notifications
  • Control and monitoring of all emails and SMS sent from the system to the users

Automated reports

  • Session reports – can be filtered by: date; period; number of participants; teachers; grade and school subject
  • Orders reports – can be filtered by: date; username and user number; status (free/paid) and order number
  • Teacher activity reports – type of sessions (paid/free); number of sessions, number of hours, number of participants
  • Student activity reports – type of sessions (paid/free); attendance; total time spent in online sessions
  • User reports – date of registration, connected accounts, email, username
  • Reports about the used promo codes in the system
  • Reports about the course schedule changes
  • Detailed log of the ongoing sessions with potential system errors and steps in the process of session conduction
  • The reports can be exported in xml format


  • The gradebook is used to track and record each student’s progress by the teachers, parents and administrators
  • Option to assess each student individually
  • Option to differentiate the grades based on classwork, homework and quizzes
  • Track student’s attendance in online sessions and report for the total number of attended sessions

User self-registration

  • User profiles can be created through the registration process or by an administrator
  • Flexible system for managing access of the profiles according to their rights and roles
  • Different roles with different levels of access: Student, Teacher, Parent, Organization, Support, Administrator
  • Interface for profile editing in which the users can add and edit: profile photo, address, telephone, information about the teachers, email, username, password, etc.
  • Personal management of the system messages
  • Creating child-parent profile connections – allows monitoring and management of the child’s account by the parent

Additional features

  • Session tracking mechanism – status, number of participants, system errors, students’ attendance
  • Preview of past and upcoming sessions
  • Choose from different languages in the system
  • Template-sharing between teachers