What challenges did Bulsatcom face?

With the number of offices rapidly increasing, Bulsatcom needed to train their employees as efficiently as possible. Here are some of the issues they faced along the way:

  • Employees had to be physically in the same office in order to carry out or attend trainings
  • Managers could not monitor the training process most of the time
  • Trainee progress was tracked more slowly

How did VEDAMO’s Learning Management System enhance the training process?

Bulsatcom is currently using VEDAMO’s cloud-based white-label solution that combines the Virtual Classroom and Learning Management System. This allows them to facilitate and manage the entire process of organizing, conducting, and assessing all of the trainings around the country. VEDAMO’s e-learning platform changed their work processes in the following manner:

  • Bulsatcom could train a much larger number of employees across the country at the same time.
  • The training team could organize, conduct, and monitor their regular online and traditional trainings in a single platform.
  • They created and managed courses in which trainees could be assigned to groups or be trained individually.
  • Trainees could use web learning resources in various formats before or after their face-to-face sessions. They could also assign tests and track their progress.
  • Each trainee had a record and received notifications about courses and lessons that they needed to attend.
  • HR and Training Managers were able to administer employee trainings much faster and more easily.



Learning Management System Success Story of Bulsatcom (TV, internet and mobile operator)

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