Custom Branding of the LMS

The Premium version of the Learning Management System gives you access to additional setup options for your academy, including adding your own company logo and favicon (Custom Branding), replacing both the VEDAMO logo on the top-left corner of your dashboard and the one within the virtual classroom.


The Custom Branding feature can be accessed through the Account and Settings > General Information menu on the left-side panel of your screen.

Company logo and more custom branding options
To upload your own company’s logo and more custom branding options go to General Information sub menu

The Upload logo button allows you to upload a custom logo for your academy. The one you upload will under Company logo will appear in the place of the dafault VEDAMO logo.

Keep in mind that the image you upload must not be larger than 200×50 pixels in size.

Your company's logo will replace Vedamo's default logo
Once uploaded your company’s logo will replace Vedamo’s default logo

Upload favicon lets you upload an icon that will appear next to your browser’s address bar, next to the address link and as an icon on the browser tab.

To upload your own personal favicon use the Upload Favicon functionality
To upload a favicon use the Upload Favicon functionality to custom brand your academy

Once you have finished editing your desired settings, click on the Save button to confirm the changes you have made.


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