The VEDAMO LMS platform offers a 30-day free trial plan, which serves to show the full functionalities of the system. The free version is limited to 30 days of usage and includes a one virtual classroom available for 1on 1 sessions. You can read up on how to set up your free LMS plan and get further information on what this plan offers below.

Free LMS Registration – Start for free

In order to register your Free LMS on Vedamo, click on the Start for Free button on our home page. This will provide you with a choice between the Virtual Classroom and the Learning Management System plans. Click on Learning Management System Sign Up.

Alternatively you can go to our Pricing  via the button in the upper-right side of the VEDAMO homepage. This will redirect you to the page where you can choose the plan that best suits your needs.

To create a free LMS account, scroll down to the LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM  section. Here you can see a list of FAQs about our LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (1).

The features of the free learning management system are as follows:

One virtual classroom (1 teacher and 1 student)

Lets you open a virtual classroom where one teacher can conduct a lesson for one student.


You can create and publish up to 5 courses.

Course lessons

Lets you create up to 10 lessons per course.

User accounts

Allows you to register up to 10 user accounts on your LMS.

File Storage

Grants you 500 MB of storage space, which you can use to upload learning materials through the file library.


You and your students will receive automatic system notifications for events in the system (e.g. student subscribes to a course, upcoming lessons, etc. )

Once ready, please click on the TRY FOR FREE button (2) to initiate your registration.

Choose Try for Free to start your Free LMS Registration
Choose Try for Free to start your Trial

Learning Management System Free 30-day Trial

If you select the FREE 30-DAY Trial version of the LMS you will see the following window:

The system will prompt you to create a unique address name for your learning management system (1).

(e.g. typing in “mylms” will create the sub-domain

Fill in the rest of your personal details (2). You must fill in all fields in order to proceed with registering. The blue link also offers you the option of familiarising yourself with the Terms and Conditions of our website before proceeding.

Once done, you may continue onto the next step of the process by clicking on the SIGN UP button (3).

Press Sign up to create your Vedamo account
Press Sign Up to create your account

Finalising your registration

After registering, check the email that you provided as your account address upon registration.

A confirmation link for your Vedamo account has been sent to your email address
A confirmation link has been sent to your email address

You should receive an email titled New Registration at VEDAMO that contains an activation link. In order to make your account fully functional, you will need to follow the link.

The email should arrive within 5 minutes of registration. In case it  does not, please check the Spam folder of your email inbox. If you cannot find it there, please contact our Support team via the Chat with us button on the bottom right corner of the screen or via email on

Active your account through the activation email to start using Vedamo's services
Active your account to start using Vedamo’s services

The account which the system creates for you is called an Organisation account. This is the primary administrative account for your sub-domain. It has access to all of the functionalities of your LMS, such as account administration, course management, etc.

For more information on user roles and account permissions, you can check the user administration article by clicking the following link: User administration

Once you follow the confirmation link sent to you via email you enter your newly created LMS with your Organisation account and see your Dashboard. To learn more about the essential functionalities your Dashboard provides, please click on the next article in this chain.

The first thing you see is your Learning Management System's Dashboard
Your Learning Management System Dashboard



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