How can I reuse one of my previous virtual classrooms?

Click on the “Virtual Classrooms” button in the left-hand side menu, then click on the name of the room you want to reuse.

Once the detailed information for the room loads, under the room number you have a box with the current status. The status will be “closed”, as in this case. You will also see a timestamp for the session to the right of the status. On the same row, on the rightmost side, you will see a green button, which reads “Reopen Classroom”. That will allow you to open and reuse the same virtual classroom.

Please, bear in mind that this option is not applicable to rooms that are part of a course.

NOTE: The reopened room will have the same classroom link as the previous one. However, it will appear as a new entry in the Virtual Classrooms menu with new time stamps and new recordings for each participant.

For more information on how to reopen a virtual classroom session, we suggest visiting How to reopen my previous virtual classroom?

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