ClassPro prepares students for the medicine entrance exam and supports university students in the field of medicine. The ClassPro teaching team developed strong experience in online tutoring by using VEDAMO Virtual Classroom

ClassPro was created in Belgium in 2015. Currently, it is a leading educational center for high-quality interactive training in science. ClassPro prepares students for the medical entrance exam- and supports university students in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinarian and biomedical sciences. So far, 20+ teachers have been working with more than 800 students. There are many intensive courses including theory and practice, both in online and on-site format.

Classes at ClassPro are very interactive. Students are encouraged to participate constantly, even during theoretical explanations. The teacher takes time to answer each student’s questions, supports the overall learning and ensures that the material has been understood in depth.

What challenges did ClassPro face?

The COVID-pandemic challenged ClassPro to develop their courses for online delivery. In the beginning of 2020, they needed to find a solution which can ensure their online classes are:

  • Fully real-time
  • Highly-interactive
  • Conducted in a user-friendly environment

Why ClassPro chose VEDAMO?

The online courses provided ClassPro with the opportunity to continue their programs remotely during the educational disruption in 2020. Moreover, they managed to expand their scope afterwards by reaching out to students who prefer this type of learning and/or are living far from their offices. The ClassPro teaching team developed strong experience in online tutoring by using VEDAMO Virtual Classroom, which offers:

  • Real-time remote learning for students who cannot attend on-site classes or find this type of learning more convenient
  • Well-adapted variety of tools to deliver highly-interactive training
  • User-friendly teaching and learning digital environment

Aurélie Maertens, Tutor at ClassPro shares:

“Along with our on-site courses, we have interactive and intensive online courses. They are conducted in VEDAMO Virtual Classroom within 6 months, 2-3 times a week with up to 15 participants. The online sessions include theory, exercises and tips about work method. The teachers make- everyone participate in the session, in a very interactive way. Being true actors of their learning, participants can progress significantly during their online sessions of ClassPro courses in VEDAMO. Moreover, some students are particularly interested in following our online sessions because this type of learning is more suitable for them (they prefer virtual classes, live far from our offices, etc.)”

Virtual classroom success story of ClassPro

VEDAMO Virtual Classroom
For the past nine years we have been providing a platform purpose-built for education.