What are the needs of the virtual classroom of Helga’s Method?

When she started her online school, Helga conducted the online English classes through a video-conferencing tool for online communication. As a professional online teacher she soon realized that she needed a solution that went beyond ordinary videoconferencing.

Her ability to deliver quality online training and ensure a seamless learning experience were limited as she:

  • could not improve all of the language skills of her students
  • did not have the tools necessary to stimulate collaborative learning and active student participation
  • could not use various types of materials, including multimedia, in her lessons

How did VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom open up more opportunities?

After trying out different tools for live teaching, Helga finally came across VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom. She considers VEDAMO an excellent platform for online foreign language teaching because it:

  • has features for all aspects of language teaching: the students not only speak, but also listen, read, and write
  • gives Helga the ability to utilize more than one piece of media simultaneously
  • allows her to create a more collaborative environment, which encourages her students to participate more frequently in the language learning process
  • has tools that are essential for providing quality online language lessons such as sharing different types of materials, including video and audio files.

“I really appreciate that VEDAMO helps my students feel as if they’re in a real classroom,” shared Helga. “Using VEDAMO’s features, I can easily engage them in different types of activities including games and discussions.

Virtual Classroom Success Story of Helga’s Method

VEDAMO Virtual Classroom
For the past nine years we have been providing a platform purpose-built for education.