Valoro Consulting is an organization development company based in Hungary. They search for and apply innovative professional solutions for organizational, team, and individual development. Since 2020 they have developed several special methodologies and implemented them in online training, workshops, and assessment centers. Now they provide business training and run offline and online assessment centers with no difference in effectiveness.

What challenges did they face?

For the past years, they have been searching for a solution for online skill development that is easy-to-use and has opportunities for:

  • real conversations
  • collaboration
  • group work

After the pandemic hit their biggest challenge was to implement their assessment centers in an online environment.

Why did they choose VEDAMO?

VEDAMO Virtual Classroom has the features and tools that allow trainees to participate actively not just to watch and listen to a presentation:

  • the whiteboard writing and drawing tools help them to work together on the slides
  • breakout rooms are excellent for group work
  • each breakout room has its own whiteboard pages for collaborative work that remains after the participants have left
  • beautiful content templates with slides and exercises that save trainer’s time and engage participants
  • participants find VEDAMO very handy, easy-to-use, and professional
  • thanks to VEDAMO’s features and settings Valoro’s assessment centers work perfectly well online. They rely a lot on breakout rooms because:
  1. they can create separate space for the evaluation team to discuss how the evaluation went
  2. several people can work simultaneously without interfering with each other – one can be conducting a presentation while another is preparing for a presentation
  • During the recruitment, they use actors to put the candidate in a real-life situation to see their reactions. Taking out the evaluators from the video mosaic helps reduce the stress for the applicants as they don’t see them observing and taking notes.
  • They use gamification activities during the assessment – for example, private chats are used to send different pieces of information to individual participants, and then they have to work together to solve a mystery.


Here is what Zsuzsanna Tánczos, Key Account Manager, shares:

To use VEDAMO as an Assessment Center is something special in our portfolio! The experience of more than 80 online Assessment Center programs shows that the online methodology will have a place in offline operation as well, as it was evaluated not only by HR teams but also managers and participants an effective, convenient, and innovative solution.

The Virtual Classroom Success Story of Valoro Consulting

VEDAMO Virtual Classroom
For the past nine years we have been providing a platform purpose-built for education.