Akademiyka is a small team of highly qualified online tutors who prepare Bulgarian students for matriculation exams in Bulgarian and Mathematics.

What challenges did Akademiyka face?

Mariana Georgieva, who has a PhD in Teaching Bulgarian Language and Literature, had an increasing number of individual learners whom she prepared for various exams. At some point she could not respond to the growing needs of the market. She also experienced:

  • Difficulty helping learners who were located far from her office
  • Challenges related to creating good visuals for the learning material
  • Problems with learners needing additional technical training

How did VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom encourage Mariana to seek out opportunities for online tutoring?

As the number of her private students grew, Mariana decided to start teaching online in order to save time and to reach out to more learners. She launched her own website and started offering online lessons in VEDAMO’s Virtual Classroom. Currently, she works with students from different locations across the country and abroad. Here is how VEDAMO made it easier for her to do a great job:

  • She reduced her travel time which allowed her to teach a larger number of students.
  • She and her colleagues now had a way to create perfect visuals for the teaching material. In Mariana’s words the software is “intuitive and easy-to-use both for teachers and their students.”
  • Online tutoring proved to be as efficient as live interactions.

Virtual Classroom Success Story of Akademiyka

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