How do I buy а Virtual Classroom/LMS?

From the homepage, go to the Pricing page and select the plan you would like to buy:

Virtual Classroom or LMS. The price of your plan may vary depending on the features you choose to include:

  • The number of virtual classrooms open at the same time; (Learning management system only. The Virtual Classroom package can only include one virtual classroom).
  • Number of accounts active on your sub-domain at the same time; (Learning Management System only)
  • The amount of storage space you would like to have for uploading files and keeping lesson recordings (this can be adjusted for both plans).

Then follow the steps in order to finalize your purchase.

If you don’t have an account yet, the system will ask you to create one.

If you already have a free Virtual classroom account please see these steps in order to Upgrade.

In case you have registered for a free LMS trial follow these steps if you plan to Upgrade.

Note: You can refer to the links above in order to see the steps required in order to buy any of the two plans that we offer. 

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