VEDAMO has a rich set of tools to make learning an engaging experience.

Designed by tutors for tutors. It is simple and intuitive for both kids and non-tech savvy users.

Allows you to conduct live online sessions with your learners without the need to install any additional software.

VEDAMO is successfully used by freelance tutors and language teachers, as well as kindergartens, schools, universities, teaching organisations and corporations.

Main features of the Virtual Classroom

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More features

Distraction monitoring

Keep students on track and focused on their studies with effective monitoring and guidance, ensuring a productive learning journey.


Quickly gather real-time feedback and insights from your participants.

Waiting room

Efficiently control participant access to foster a focused learning environment.

Post session surveys

Gather valuable insights and enhance the learning experience through tailored adjustments based on participant feedback after each online session


Send and receive group or personal instant messages during the session.

File sharing

Exchange files for additional reading, presentations, video lectures and others with the participants in the virtual classroom.

File library

Organise and back up your learning resources in VEDAMO cloud storage and easily use them any time you need to during the session.

Personal notes

Sketch your lesson plan or take down notes in your personal virtual notebook and save a copy of your notes at the end of the session.

Flexible layout

Personalize your own virtual classroom layout by arranging and resizing the screens of the various tools.

Rich text editor

Encourage the collaborative creation and editing of written content by using the in-build text editor.

Presenter's mode

Foster your participants’ active engagement during the session by giving them the role of presenters.


Facilitate the group and individual work more efficiently by setting countdown timer for the tasks’ completion.

Synchronised browsing

Make sure all of the participants see one and the same content by synchronising your whiteboard with them.

Room lock

Prevent late participants from disturbing your ongoing session by locking the virtual classroom after a certain period of time.

Moderation tool

Control what participants will be able to see, hear and do from the tutor’s control panel, which will help you set up different scenarios and combine various working formats in one and the same session.

System check

Ensure your smooth participation in the online session by thoroughly checking your equipment and connectivity in advance.

Custom logo

Make your participants feel part of your community by branding the virtual classroom with the logo of your organisation.

Email invitation

Choose whether to invite the participants when opening the virtual classroom with automated email invitations or afterwards by sending them the unique link of the virtual classroom.

Secure connection

Be sure that your classroom and content are secured due to the encrypted connection.

Mobile devices ready

Be even more flexible with your teaching schedule as you can access the virtual classroom from mobile devices.

Support live chat

Focus on teaching and be sure that there is always a customer support representative online to take care of any technical issues that might occur.

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